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How to crack windows password when you forgot it

One of the many things that people like about the windows software is that it comes equipped with the ability to lock all the important things under lock and key. And this lock and key is in the shape and form of a password. The password is one of the most important aspects of the windows that will provide you with security against all the people that you would want to hide the data and all the information from. But the biggest mishap is when the password that you keep to protect your data safe somehow slips away from your mind. Then, what will you do? How will you get through your own barriers that you have created for all the others when you do not know the way through the barriers yourself? Well then the only way that is left to you is that you make use of a windows password cracker. Such a software as the iAidsoft Windows password recovery is just the thing for you. It has the ability to allow you to help you step in to your own machine without having to deal with the miserable barriers that you cannot get around yourself because you seem to have forgotten your password.

Below is the guide that how iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery works as windows password cracker.

Step 1: Download and Launch iAidsoft Windows Password Cracker
The program has a very easy-to-use interface. You can see all the features of the program right off the bat. You can see that there are two choices to reset windows password. The first option is to use a CD and second is to use a USB drive.

windows 7 password reset

Step 2: Burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB drive
Many programs only support CD/DVD, but iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery provides two choices, you also can choose to burn a bootable USB if your computer doesn't have CD drive. Here is a detailed guide to tell you how to burn a bootable CD or burn a bootable USB drive. windows 7 password reset

Step 3: Change BIOS Setting
After you burned a bootable CD/DVD or USB drive, you need to change the BIOS setting to let your locked computer boot from CD or USB drive. Here is a detailed guide to tell you how to boot from CD or boot from USB drive.

Step 4: Crack windows password
Plug in your created CD/DVD or USB drive to your locked computer, then reboot the computer. This windows password cracker will guide you to reset forgotten windows password step by step. windows password recovery

This software is compatible with all the leading brands of computers. It can work quite well with dell, HP, Samsung and various other brands that seem to issue the numerous amounts of laptops that have flooded the market.

To crack windows password, try iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery.

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