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How to reset windows 7 password with USB

Most of what we do on the computer is confidential. We do not want all of our work to be like an open book to the rest of the world. This is why the windows machine now comes equipped with the ability to lock all forms of data stored in the computer machine with the help of the password. But the most insanely difficult moment is when we forget the password that we have used to lock and bolt our data. To forget the password that locks up your own machine can be devastating to a huge extent.

Today we take windows 7 for an example, to tell you how to reset windows 7 password with USB drive. Considering some computers don't have CD/DVD drive and USB is more convenient in resetting windows password, so here I specially write the guide regarding windows 7 password reset USB.

Step 1: Download a professional windows 7 password reset software
Here I recommend iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery. It has powerful feature that supports both CD/DVD and USB drive. Download and install it.

reset windows 7 password with USB

Step 2: Create a bootable USB flash drive
1. Plug in a USB drive into your computer.
2. Click "Burn USB Now" button, iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery will locate the image file(ISO file) and the USB drive automatically. Then click "OK" to next step.

windows 7 password reset usb
3. After a while, you will see the dialog that the bootable windows 7 password reset USB is finished.

windows 7 password reset usb finish

Step 3: Change BIOS Settings
1. Boot the locked computer and press "F2" or "Delete" to enter the BIOS setup interface.
2. Select "USB-HDD" to 1st Boot Device, then press "Enter".
3. Press "F10" to save the new BIOS settings, and your computer will restart automatically.
Note: If you have any trouble while changing the BIOS setting, please read the step-by-step instructions here.

Step 4: Reset windows 7 password with USB
1. Plug in your created USB drive to your locked computer, then reboot the computer.
2. Choose "Load Windows Password Recovery" then press "Enter".

windows 7 password reset usb
3. Following the simple guides and you will reset windows 7 password successfully in short time.

iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery has a very straightforward interface and detailed operation guides, even a newbie can do it by yourself with this program. Using a CD or USB drive to reset windows 7 password both work smoothly. The price is resonable at $24.95 instead of paying expensive tech support to just reset your windows password.

To reset windows 7 password with USB, try iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery.

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