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How to perform windows 7 password recovery

To protect important data in the computer, many people like to set a password on their windows 7 system. It is a good way to take care of your files, there would be instances that you can't get into the system because you forgot the login password. This could be troublesome but don't fret like it is the end of the world for you. If it really happens, there are some ways to perform windows 7 password recovery.

It is a fact that windows 7 system supports creating a password reset disk to help you do this when you forgot windows 7 password. However, it requires you to prepare the password reset disk in advance when you still remember the password. I believe many people may not do this when they still remember the password, in this case, you may not get help from it and you might as well use another method. The iAidsoft windows Password Recovery software is a third party software especially designed to reset windows login password when you forget it. It is powerful yet easy to use software.

Steps of resetting passwords through iAidsoft Windows 7 Password Recovery.

Step 1: Run iAidsoft Windows 7 Password Recovery
Install and run iAidsoft Windows 7 Password Recovery, and you will get a straightforward interface as follow. You can see it clearly that it supports resetting passwords through CD/DVD or USB drive. It is more convenient than their competitors who only support password reset CD.

windows 7 password recovery

Step 2: Burn a password reset CD/DVD or USB drive
Two choices for you, reset the password through CD/DVD or USB drive. Prepare a blank CD/DVD or USB and connect it to your computer. Click "Burn CD Now" or "Burn USB Now" and wait until the process finishes. It does work.
Note: If you don't install a burner on your computer, you had better choose the USB drive choice because burning with a USB drive doesn't require an extra burner.

windows 7 password recovery software

Step 3: Boot your locked computer with the burned CD/DVD or USB drive
After the burning process, you can now use the medium to boot the locked computer. Make sure you enter the BIOS setup interface. You can press on F2 or Delete button to enter the set-up, select "CD-ROM" as first boot device if you insert CD/DVD or select "USB-HDD" if you plug USB drive, then press enter to restart the computer. If any difficulty in this step, please read the detailed guide of boot from CD or boot from USB drive.

Step 4: Reset Windows password as blank
After booting the computer from the burned CD or USB, follow the software wizard to reset the windows account password as blank, then you will get into system without the password request after restarting the system.

software to recover windows 7 password

You must take note of this password on your notepad to have a copy of your newly created password. To avoid further instances like when you forget windows 7 password is to have a little black book or tickler where you can store all your important information.

To perform windows 7 password recovery, try iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery.

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