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How to Perform USB Recovery

Nowadays many people like to store their important data in the USB drive, because it is very convenient, in the other side, its portability causes the data loss easily from the USB drive. There are many causes to make the data loss, eg, accidently delete files from USB drive and cannot find the deleted files in Recycle Bin, lose files when transferring data from USB to the computer for unknown reason, USB drive accidently formatted, USB drive data inaccessible for unknown reason, improper device handling, virus attack to make USB drive corrupted, file system failure, and more reasons you cannot estimate. If it happens to you, you will feel frustrated as it will bring great trouble to you, in this situation, you may ask for USB recovery solution which can recover your lost data from the USB drive.

When you meet USB data loss situation, you may think the data may be lost forever and there is no way to rescue you. Actually, lose files from USB drive does not mean they gone forever. You still have the opportunity to perform USB recovery if you ask for help from third-party USB data recovery software.

When you find your data is lost from USB drive, the first thing you need to do is to stop using the USB drive immediately, Why you need to do that? It is to reduce the possibility of overwriting data from USB drive. Do not store new files on your USB drive, don't edit existing files in your USB drive, any operation on your USB drive is not recommended.

Then you can go to find the third-party USB Recovery Software. In the internet, there are some free software which can perform USB data recovery, but never use the freeware for USB recovery as freeware may be useless and even destroy your original data which cause data loss forever. We recommend iAidsoft Data Rescue which uses advanced disk scanning techniques easily locate deleted files including documents, videos, photos and more from major USB media drives.

With ONLY 3 steps, you can quickly perform USB data recovery.

  • 1. Connect your USB drive to a computer with iAidsoft Data Rescue. Select your USB drive and start to scan.
  • 2. Check the scanned results of your USB drive.
  • 3. Select the path to restore your lost file and click recover to get your lost files back.

To get your lost data back USB drive, try iAidsoft Data Rescue.

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