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A simple way to recover files from USB drive

Why do we use USB drives? People normally use USB drives due to the convenience that it offers. The convenience turns into a disaster when the files you have stored in the USB become corrupted. There are many reasons as to why you might end up losing or damaging the files that are in your external drive. The main reason can be the fact that your drive is infected with virus that eats up your data. Other reasons include: formatting, deleting and many more.

Is there a solution for this?

Yes! There is a solution for USB drive data recovery. The solution can be done with the help of software that could recover files from USB drive using the technology that they have been equipped with. The software can be downloaded via the internet. Some of the software are free and some are paid versions. Well, nothing comes easy and the best software that you can trust upon are the paid versions. One of the people's favorite is the iAidsoft Data Rescue.

How to recover files from USB drive through this professional USB drive data recovery software?

Step 1 : Install and run iAidsoft USB Drive Data Recovery
Download and install the setup file and run the program after several double clicks. Then you will see the primary interface with four modules, "Deleted Rescue", "Formatted Rescue", "Raw Rescue" and "Trunk".

usb drive data recovery

Step 2: Attach the USB drive to the computer
Ensure that the damaged USB drive is connected to a PC that has got iAidsoft Data Rescue properly installed.

Step 3: Start a scan on the USB drive
Once the USB is attached, you will see the removable Disk. Select it and specify the file formats you want to recover. You can recover documents, videos, music and pictures. Wait for the scan to complete and keep track on the results.

recover files from USB drive

Step 4: Recover lost files from USB drive
After the completed scan, the lost files will be displayed. Then you can click "Recover Now" to restore these files and wait for the USB data recovery process to bring back your files. You can't save these files to the original USB drive, please save it directly to the computer or to other portable devices.

usb data recovery

The good thing about iAidsoft Data Rescue software is the fact that you can make use of it to recover files from USB drive of any type. This includes: videos, music, pictures, word documents, excel document etc. This makes this software worth relying on.

There is one important thing you need to note, when your drive seems to show you error reports when you are using it or it has been damaged it is advisable to look for another USB drive before you can recover files from USB drive that has got issues. This avoids the chances of damaging more data that you might want to store therein.

To recover files from USB drive, try iAidsoft Data Rescue.

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