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SD Card Recovery Tutorial

SD card is a flash memory card which is widely used in digital cameras, camcorders and smart phones. Nowadays more and more people prefer to use digital camera to take photos or videos and most of these files are stored in the SD card in many cases. As a result, many people may encounter the problem of photos or videos losing from SD card. You may feel panic and worried about this cheerful memory lost. Don' worry, there is the way to perform an SD card recovery to recover your photos or videos.

Actually you deleted or formatted the files in the SD card may not generate data permanently erased from SD card, it just make the files hidden in some ways. These deleted videos or photos are still in the card as free space to be overwritten. And if you put some new files into the SD card, it may occupy the space where precious lost files stored. If overwritten, it's impossible to perform SD card recovery even you ask for help from professional SD card recovery software.

First of all, there are two points you need to note in protecting data in the SD card. First, avoid physical damage to your SD card. If your SD is physically damaged, it is difficult for SD card recovery software to recover lost photos, videos or audios. Second, if you find your data is lost from SD card, don't input more new data into the SD card, because it may overwrite the original files, if data is overwritten, SD card recovery software also may not help.

How to recover lost photos, videos and music from SD card?

We recommend using professional SD card recovery software, it is the easiest way for normal people that you can recover your lost files by yourself. Here we recommend iAidsoft Data Rescue, it uses advanced recovery algorithm to scan your SD card and dig the disk to search your erased file data and recover photos, videos and audios from SD card due to reasons like accidental deletion, quick SD card format, card corruption and card errors causing SD card data inaccessible. iAidsoft Data Rescue has easy-to-use interface and anyone can recover lost files from SD card by themselves.

With only 3 steps, you can use iAidsoft Data Rescue to recover lost files from SD Card.

Step 1: Install iAidsoft Data Rescue into your computer and launch it. Then connect SD card with the computer. Click the program and start it and you will see the primary interface.

sd card recovery

Step 2: Click "Deleted Rescue", select SD card and click "Scan" to search lost files on your SD card.

recover files from sd card

Step 3: After the scan, your lost files have been found. Then select your wanted files to recover from the SD card files, click "Recover now" to recover it.

sd card recovery software

To recover data from SD card, try iAidsoft Data Rescue.

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