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How to Restore Data from USB Flash Driver

A USB flash driver is a removeable and rewritable data storage medium to have our important data to be stored for portable purposes. It is typically paid devices which lets you bring all your documents, photos, videos into them for a safe backup or offers you a quick approach to remove data to a new computer, new devices. Because USB driver is faster, easy to carry( small and weighs less than 30g ), able to keep massive data in storage (has large storage capacity up to 512 MB until Jan. 2012 ). It has earned billions of users' applauses around the world.

Furthermore, a USB flash driver works smoothly on most operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, no extra running programs will be needed to install if your computer has a corresponding driver better fit it. We have to admit that, USB flash driver has provided people with different computers/operating systems a totally complete and fast way to backup or save data.

Anyway, every flash memory could only bare a limited number of write and erase cycles before it finally fails. As far as we all can imagine, it would be a tough problem if it reaches the limit while we do not know and have not backup the data in time. This would rise panic of the same level as carelessly deleting data by skipping Recycle Bin for you may not mean to do it. Anyway, there is no need to be panic for both situations, here we will talk about how to restore data from USB Flash driver.

Step1: Download an Install iAidsoft Data Rescue

Click HERE to download iAidsoft Data Rescue. Run the installation program on your computer and follow the installation wizard instructions, its main interface shows as below.

Step2: Scan the USB flash driver

Insert the USB flash driver until the computer displays an icon of it like other disks' icons. Click "Scan Now" after selecting the scan scope- the flash driver content only. Concentrate on one particular scan scope would save much time and help find the exact main data you want to recover. No matter the ready-to-be-recovered data is word, excel, notepad documents... compressed files like .ZIP, .RAR... .PDF, .HTML files... .EXE files... music, videos... The software will list them with details for you to have a reference to get data back.

Step3: Select the files you want to restore.

The available recovered files depend on the data you have lost in the first place. If their original locations have not been overwritten with new information, those data will be listed without doubt.

Step4 : Click "Recover Now" Button

By clicking this button, the recovery process will be on the way. You will see your data be perfectly recovered within a few minutes.

The recovery is finished, you can open and see if the USB hard driver data has been successfully restored.

To perform data loss recovery from USB flash driver, try iAidsoft Data Rescue.

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