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How to Restore Data from SSD?

SSD, solid-state drive, is known as one of the famous data storage devices welcomed worldwide. It uses integrated circuits components as memory to permanently store data. This is also different from traditional disks like floppy disk, hard disk drives or other electromechanical devices by owning higher resistance over physical shock, silent running mode, lower access time/latency. Such advantages do not mean that the SSD is 100% secure while storing data, so here will talk about what the main types of solid-state drives are and how to recover missing data from them.

Somehow, SSD can be separated into two types according to the storage medium differ: flash memory-based SSD and DRAM-based SSD.

The flash memory-based SSD type can be designed and made into various shapes including laptop hard disk, micro hard disks... Meanwhile, the most prepotent point is its resolvability and the data protect is away from power control thus making it better adapt to different circumstances.

The DRAM-based SSD type follows the designs of traditional hard disks which can be set and managed by most Windows file system tools. It has longer service life, faster reading speed but requires extra power supply for keeping data safe.

How to recover data if incautiously lost SSD data?

1. Find a professional SSD data recovery software, here we will recommend iAidsoft Data Rescue, the most useful and easy-to-use tool for get lost data back. It provides a complete set of solution on "Deleted Rescue", "Formatted Rescue", "Raw Rescue", "Trunk" four types. It also supports the recovery of photos, documents, music/videos, even important database files, log files.

2. Figure out what data you have lost on SSD, choose to start a scan after running iAidsoft Data Rescue on your computer. The lost and can-be-recovered files will be listed there, preview them and select the files you intend to rescue.

3. Click the "Recover Now" button at the right bottom corner of the software running interface. Several minutes or more will be needed to complete the recovery process, but the accurate time consuming depends on the data quantity. If possible, you could also use "File filter" tool embedded in iAidsoft Data Rescue to make the above step 2 more detailed and less time costing altogether.

Please note at the same time: Do not install the software on the place that you mean to restore files and place them, in case of unwilling mistakes and accidents.

To restore SSD data, try iAidsoft Data Rescue.

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