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How to Restore Data from Flash Memory Card

Flash memory card, typically called memory card, is a small storage medium for digital information. They are mostly used in portable devices like laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players... Among the massive number of storage cards in today's market (including SD card, CF card, SmartMedia card, memory stick, MMC), every one of them has its own sizes together with a certain available storage capacity range. The range determine its price, which means, the larger storage capacity may cost much more money.

Most practical flash memory cards mentioned above are with nonvolatile storage. It implies that the data on the card is steady, no need for periodicity updates, no worries for dangers of losing power.

Furthermore, such storage cards are developing rapidly to step by step take the place of hard disk drives in portable purposes. They have advantages like smaller sizes, light enough to carry, no extra power needs, quick and secure connections... All these make it more convenient for people to store data, also having a re-recordable access to erase data or write new data for current demand.

All in all, a flash memory card is not that safe than we imagined because wrong operations or virus may cause flash memory card data losses. Due to this case, it would be important for us to learn how to restore lost data from flash memory card.

How to do it? Let's see how iAidsoft Data Rescue performs.

Step 1: Install the software and run it. Interface will be shown as follows.

Step 2: Insert the flash memory card into the computer, run iAidsoft Data Rescue to have a scan of it.

Step 3 : Select what you want to recover in the scanning result.

Step 4 : Click "Recover Now" to restore data.

To recover data from SD card, try iAidsoft Data Rescue.

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