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How to Restore Data from External Hard Driver

A hard driver may not be the most important portion of a computer, but it absolutely plays an extremely significant role in your daily computer use. Because its large capacity helps people to have large amount of data to store, also convenient for listing data for retrieve. All you data including business reports, personal records, useful documents, software will be stored or backup there. It would be a tough problem without doubt if you have lost data in hard drivers. Anyway, as a recent survey indicates, an external hard driver consists the biggest part of storage medium from which people may have lost their data. It is also susceptible to data corruption in the meantime. Due to this case, it reflects the great importance to learn how to restore data from external hard driver.

External hard driver is a hard driver attached mostly via USB to a port on the computer outside. For example, you can first change IDE and SATA hard drivers into USB by using data converter, then attach USB to computers. While transferring, it will it take extra power to attaching to hard disk, or the USB may unable to normally drive hard driver.

iAidsoft Data Rescue is one of the most fast and complete solution for recovering data from external hard driver. Here explains how to make sure that you will not need to suffer hard disk data loss.

1. Run the software.

After the installation of the software on your computer or the external hard driver, click the software desktop icon to start it.

2. Scan for lost files

Find the lost files of external hard drivers, click "Scan Now" for a complete check. The software will see the detailed files and list the content for you to have a reference in choosing what to recover. Please note that the data you want to recover does not being overwritten. If not, the data may be recovered but unable to be open.

3. Get data back

Choose the files you want to recover then click 'Recover Now'. The iAidsoft Data Rescue will automatically take care of the rest for you.

To get your lost data back from memory card, try iAidsoft Data Rescue.

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