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How to Restore Data from Crashed Computer

Computer crashes because of various reasons. There are four in main-

1. Virus Affection.

2. Wrong Manual Operations.

3. Hardware Damages

4. System Error.

Every time we face this kind of data loss problem, we will try our hardest to get data back. But they won't take effect every time. Meanwhile, it may also add extra pressure with other complex corruptions.

So, here is a solution on how to restore data from a crashed computer.

Step 1: Reinstall the system on the computer. The new system will replace the old one.

Step 2: Install iAidsoft Data Rescue on computer.

Step 3: Run it on the computer and scan for data you want to retrieve in every hard disk.

Please note the system disk data may not be completely restored because it has a new system replaced the old. Which means, new data has been written into the disk. So some of the data could not be successfully recovered due to this.

Step 4: Choose "Recover Now" button.

Do this to begin the recovery. Meanwhile, you may also choose what to recover in the former step.

The recovery is complete, go to see what you have done successfully for the file recovery.

To restore data from crashd computer, try iAidsoft Data Rescue.

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