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How to reset forgotten Yahoo password

Plenty of Yahoo users may encounter forgetting Yahoo account password and can't access into it. If it happens, it is really a nightmare. Because Yahoo account such as Yahoo email and Yahoo messenger are very important for our life and work, many confidential material, valuable contact information, etc. So here I will introduce the way to help you reset Yahoo password.

Method 1: Reset Yahoo password through Yahoo password resetting service.

1. Go to the Yahoo Sign-in Problems page.

2. Follow the instructions and operate step by step, ie, provide Your Yahoo ID, Alternate email address, mobile phone number, or the answers to your secret questions, then you will get the password in your alternative email address.

I should say this method is the best and economical one to reset Yahoo password, but here are some conditions if you want to use this. You need to know the answers to secret questions and the valid alternative email address when you set up the account before. However most of people may forget it or the alternative email address is invalid. In this case, you need to follow method 2 to reset Yahoo password.

Method 2: Reset Yahoo password through 3rd party Yahoo password reset application.
Get a professional Yahoo password reset application, here we recommend iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle.

Step 1: Download, install and run the program of iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle
In the main interface, you will see several options for your choose. Windows Password Recovery, Account Password Recovery, MS Windows and Office Key Finder.

reset yahoo password

Step 2: Click "Account Password Recovery"
Here we can see many recovery options for different accounts, Gmail password recovery, Hotmail password recovery, MSN password recovery, Yahoo Password Recovery, etc. Choose Yahoo account and click recover now to next step.

yahoo password reset

Step 3: Reset Yahoo Password
Extract Yahoo password in a specified file as a backup.

how to reset yahoo password

Note: Don't use this software to hack other people's account as it is illegal. Only for personal use to reset your own Yahoo password.

To reset Yahoo password, try iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle.

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