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How to Reset Windows Password

Is the pressure of keeping your personal compute in a well-protected state always getting to you? Are you getting tired of setting Windows password with a special name/date in order to better memorize it but finally finding it is not safe at all? Do you want to be prepared at anytime for every sudden Windows crash which may end up with making your computer unable to be accessed? Are you looking for a better solution to reset Windows password instead of doing a complete system reinstallation? Are you eager to reset Windows password now?

A Windows password needs to be simple and easy to remember to many people. Because we already have too much to keep in mind since we were born, we may not want to spend extra time on setting everything a different password for security concerns and repeat times to memorize.. In the meantime, we may think it is no big deal if we unlucky to lose Windows password. Because there seems always a way to get it back- not to mention the diverse high-tech methods, a system reinstallation can also help fix it.

As for the reinstallation, not everyone will agree to do it somehow. So we are again back to the original situations mentioned above. Is any one of them matching your case? If so, we are happy to tell that there is nothing left to be feared and worried! All you have to do is just a few clicks on computer with a powerful password recovery software. Easily handle your case within seconds.

Let us take iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery for instance. It is one of the universal software to recover, unlock Windows password, downloaded and used by hundreds and thousands. The steps for how to reset Windows password is as below.

Step1: Download an Install
Click HERE to download iAidsoft Password Recovery. Run it on your computer and you will see the following main interface.

Step 2: Read the Using Instruction
A detailed introduction for recovering Windows password will be listed there. You could follow it to see how to begin a recovery.

Step 3: Select Your Mode And Do it
See what the instruction is referring and suit the remedy to the case. Get the most ideal solution for your problem and make it work.

After your recovery, login to see if it is OK now.

To reset windows password, try iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery.

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