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How to Reset Windows 8 Password?

The Windows 8 is the revolutionary operating system designed by Microsoft for personal computer uses. As it is known by most, the 8 is much more convenient, faster than the former Windows 7, widely used in laptops, tablets, business desktops... It drastically changed the old operating logic, offered better screen-touch support. Also, the interface and operating way had been greatly modified by introducing fresh new Metro style. Moreover, the security aspect became better as usual. You could also add login password like Windows 7 for your Windows 8 operating system. Anyway, it is not a complete guardian for your computer safe. If you lost your setting Windows 8 login account password, let iAidsoft Password Recovery, the most wonderful windows 8 password unlock tool help.

Step by step guide for resetting the Windows 8 password

Step 1. Click Here to download the trial version of iAidsoft Password Recovery.

Step 2. Insert a total blank CD/DVD or a USB flash drive into computer and run the software.

Step 3. Select your target devices. If you are unfamiliar about "how to burn CD/DVD" or "how to burn USB flash drive", click the relevant button on the operating interface to start.

Step 4. Start the computer from bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

Step 5. After the boot, you will be able to reset Windows 8 password and do other changes to the system.

It is a password recovery process within minutes, does not require expert knowledge towards the operating system.

iAidsoft Password Recovery is an outstanding windows 8 password unlocker, which offers you a complete solution if forgetting computer password and provides total control over the reset process. It allows you to do the Windows 8 password recovery quickly without the need to have a full computer system reinstallation.

To do Windows 8 password reset, try iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery.

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