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How to Reset Windows 7 Admin Password?

The Windows 7 can set multiple user accounts while accessing the operating system interface. People can set passwords for those accounts to prevent computer from being hacked because sometimes important files are stored there. Meanwhile, more than one user account could be listed there for us to choose logon and the admin account may be just one of them with or without a special image displayed. You will need an admin password to enter the computer system when you want to run a specific software or access encrypted files. So if you unfortunately forget the admin password, what can be done to fix all these? However, it is not difficult. We can reset the admin password and login the computer account again. Follow the below steps to have the Windows 7 admin password reset.

Solution 1- password prompt

Step 1. Starting up the computer with the Windows 7 system. While the system login interface appears, choose the admin account.

Step 2. Click the "Forget password" option on the right of password input box. It may also display as a thwartwise arrow or a question mark. By clicking them, the Windows 7 will show an admin password prompt set by you.

Step 3. Typically, the Windows 7 admin password prompt is for better memorizing or recalling the password you set in the first place. If you can not remember the admin password, please refer to the second solution.

Solution 2 - system reinstallation

Step 1. Backup all your important files in non-system disks.

Step 2. Insert the system CD/DVD on your computer and restart the system to do the system reinstallation.

Step 3. This does not require a Windows password. So you can set a new password after reinstallation.

Solution 3 - use professional password recovery software.

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