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How to reset forgotten hotmail password

Hotmail account such as MSN, hotmail email plays important role in our daily life and work. MSN is very important communication tool and it stores lots of our friends' contact information, hotmail email is the most popular email account for our work and lots of important and confidential files in it. Imagine if you forgot the hotmail password and can't access into the account, how terrible it is! In this case, reset hotmail password is the only way you can save your life.

What you can do firstly is to ask help from Microsoft, you can go to their official website to reset hotmail password with the answer of security questions and alternative email that you wrote when you set up the account. However, we may forget this since it is long time ago. If so, Microsoft will do nothing in helping you reset hotmail password.

Here I recommend you using 3rd party hotmail password recovery program, iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle.

Step 1: Launch hotmail password reset tool.
Download iAidsoft Password Bundle from the official website, install it per the instruction and then launch it.

reset hotmail password

Step 2: Choose account password recovery module.
Just as the name of this software, iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle is a toolset that not only reset hotmail password, but also gmail password recovery, yahoo password recovery, windows and office key finder, reset windows password.

reset forgotten hotmail password

Step 3: Select hotmail password reset option
Find the option of hotmail password, it is in the first line, click "recover now", the hotmail password will be displayed. Then you need to store it carefully.

how to reset hotmail password

Note: It is illegal to reset hotmail password for other people's account, it is only for personal use.

To reset Hotmail password, try iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle.

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