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How to reset forgotten Gmail password

One day, when you want to log in your Gmail account, you find you forget the password and can't access into it. It will be terrible as there are so many important documents and contacts in your Gmail email and Google talk. If it really happens, don't worry, today we will introduce the way to help you reset Gmail password.

Firstly if you still remember the right answers to the security questions and the alternative email, you can go to use Google password reset service to find it back, it is easy and economical, just follow the instruction and operate step by step.

But I know most of people may forget the answers to the security questions since it is long time ago, in this case, you can't reset Gmail password in this way. Here I will recommend you to use 3rd party professional password recovery solution to reset Gmail password.

Step 1: Get the Gmail password reset tool.
Here we recommend iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle, it works perfect in resetting Gmail password.

Step 2: Launch iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle.
After launching the program, you will see the straightforward interface. It has three options for your choose.

reset gmail password

Step 3: Select Account Password Recovery Module
There are many account recovery options for your choose, Yahoo password recovery, Hotmail password recovery, MSN password recovery, Gmail password recovery. What you need to choose is Gmail password recovery. Then click "Next" to begin resetting your Gmail password.

reset forgotten gmail password

Step 5: Reset Gmail password.
Here it will display your original Gmail password. You can choose to use the password again, or reset the password after accessing the account.

how to reset gmail password

Note: It is illegal to reset other people's account Gmail passwords if you don't have the permission. iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle is only for personal use to recover your own Gmail password.

To reset Gmail password, try iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle.

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