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How to recover word document

Word document file is the most common used file format in our daily work, so learn how to recover word document is of great importance. It will surely help us a lot if we know some basic ways in dealing with such cases.

Convert the original word document file to another format

Change the original word document file to another format, then convert it back to word format.

1. Open the damaged document file in Microsoft Office Word, choose "save as" "RTF" format (.RTF), click "save" after your decision.

2. Close the damaged document file, open the RTF file you just saved.

3. Choose "save as" "word" format (.DOC, .DOCX), click "save".

4. Close RTF file, open the newly saved word document file.

Please note, this only applies to some word document damages. If it does not work, you may then try TXT file format instead of RTF file format. Because .TXT file is simple which can help recover the damaged word files to a certain extent. But all the saved document setting would be lost eventually.

Rename the damaged word document

1. Close the Microsoft Office program, directly fine the document you want to recover.

2. Rename it with a different name, then click "Enter".

3. Open the newly-named word document to see if it can be read or not.

Please note, this only applies to simplest damages, most cases would fail using this method.

Change document type

1. Open the ".DOCX" word document with messy codes.

2. Save it as ".DOC" files, then close all.

3. Open the new ".DOC" file.

Please note, this only applies to .DOCX file can not be open by Microsoft Office 2003 or low program versions.

Use iAidSoft Data Rescue to recover

In fact, most word document data loss is caused by placement changes, incorrect operations, wrongly pasting... So find the original file location and run iAidsoft Data Rescue on your computer. Choose the need-to-be recovered word document, then recover it.

Please note, this applies to all, but you may still need to make sure that your recovered file location is not overwritten. Or you have to seek another way.

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