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How to recover excel document

Microsoft Excel has the basic features of all spreadsheets, using a grid of cells arranged in numbered rows and letter-named columns to organize data manipulations like arithmetic operations which makes Excel file is an extensively applied WorkBook. It can contain 255 worksheets in general and each worksheet contains mass data.

Just for such reason, you may find yourself got in a dilemma of choosing whether deleting corrupted Excel files or taking much efforts to recover them. Because we usually feel quite helpless in the face of practical problems of recovering excel document.

It is not worth the candle if we could not handle such cases properly. So, here are some methods to help you with how to recover data within Excel.

Convert File Format

1.If the corrupted Excel file can be open, convert the WorkBook into SYLK file format which can screen out the corrupted part of the document.

2. Make use of Word to convert file format. See if the Excel document can be opened by Word or not. If does, the WorkBooks will be loaded in Word program in forms of Table and just one table at a time.

This repair method is to take advantages of the Word program's direct load of Excel files to realize goals which will have effects when the file header has not damaged, but the content does.

Excel Self-repair

1. Change the file into earlier file formats.

2. Use Microsoft Office program itself Open and Recover option while open the pointed file within program.

Rename The Document

In most cases, a rename for .CSV file would be useful to a certain extent.

Use Third Party Software

Sometimes it is at twice the speed and with half the fuss to use specialized software to recover excel document. Let's see how iAidSoft Data Rescue performs while doing this.

Step1: Run the software and choose to scan Documents.

Step2: Have a complete scan and select the corrupted Excel document for recovery.

Step3: Open to see the recovery results.

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