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How to recover deleted ZIP files

If you have lost important data from your computer's many drives then you are not alone. This happens to the best of us. It is not very uncommon for people to end up accidently deleting their files. Even if that is not the case you might have lost them due to an infectious virus in your system or due to errors or file damage. Whatever the case may be, there is good news. You can easily recover all kinds of data with the use of the iAidsoft Data Rescue software. In this article we will discuss how you can recover deleted ZIP files.

There is a solution:
If you have accidently deleted important data then you would be happy to know that iAidsoft Data Rescue software can recover deleted ZIP files. You can easily search for the software online where you can find many versions of it for easily downloading and installation. You can either opt for the free trial version or pay to get the full version of the software. It is advised that you get the full version as it will help you down the line in recovering all kind of lost data including helping you to recover deleted ZIP files.

Play it safe:
If your personal computer is giving you warnings that there are errors in your computer system then it is a good idea to make a back up data base of all your important files and folders. It is always a good option to be safe than sorry. This way you will not lose more data due to errors and viruses. Once you have made backups of all you files you can proceed to recover deleted ZIP files with peace of mind that even if something goes wrong in the worst case scenario, you would still have all of your important data safely as backup.

Using iAidsoft Data Rescue to recover deleted ZIP files:

1. Download iAidsoft Data Rescue setup:
The first step in to recover deleted ZIP files is to go online and download the software set up files and run them in the installation wizard.

recover deleted zip files

2. Go to "Deleted Rescue":
Once the software has been downloaded, go to "Deleted Rescue" option and specify the folders and files you want to recover. In this case specify to recover deleted ZIP files.

ZIP file recovery

3. ZIP File Recovery:
When your file path and specifications have been completed, click on the recover now option and you will have all of your ZIP files back safely with you.

recover ZIP files

To recover deleted ZIP files, try iAidsoft Data Rescue.

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