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Learn how to recover deleted videos from your computer

Do you have some movies that you deleted without knowing and you have not even watched them? This can be a big inconvenience more so if you had bought the movies to watch. In fact it would be a great loss if you do not know how to recover deleted videos. Take a deep breath as iAidsoft Data Rescue will help you to learn how.

Recover all your videos in seconds. With the help of 3rd party software such as iAidsoft Data Rescue you will be able to recover deleted videos in your computer without much of a hustle. The good thing about this software is that it is possible to single out the specific disks in which the videos were in. this saves you time as you recover the videos. It also ensures that you get all the contents of the videos folder that you deleted. Thus, the software proves to be convenient and user friendly since it is also easy to use.

There is no bias to the disks in which the videos were stored in. You should not worry about the spaces in which you had allocated the videos. Everything will be taken care of by the iAidsoft Data Rescue software that you downloaded. The only thing that is required from you is to know how to make full use of the software features.

Below is a brief installing guide:

1. Install and Launch iAidsoft Data Rescue
The main thing that you should be certain of is to download the software from trusted providers. Install the software in your computer and launch it to begin using it. At the interface of the application, you will come across labels that you will click on. This would depend on how you want to use the software. To recover deleted videos, music files, pictures etc. you should click on deleted rescue or formatted rescue. If both don't get you the files that you want, you can use the raw rescue alternative.

recover deleted videos

2. Getting your videos back
Move your cursor to part labeled deleted rescue to carry out a recovery process of the videos that you want. Here you should be specific on the allocation that the videos were in before they were erased. Select them and move to the next step.

deleted videos recovery

3. Recover now option
AOnce you are certain that the videos you selected are the ones you want to recover, you can go ahead to click on recover now. This will take a moment before you get all your data restored. The above is the way forward to recover deleted videos. Simple right! This is very simple and it ensures that you never worry about losing data that is in your computer.

deleted video recovery

To recover deleted videos, try iAidsoft Data Rescue.

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