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An easy way of recovering any deleted folder

All along we have been looking for a software that is all-inclusive. One that will help us in recovering deleted files even after we have deleted them permanently from our PCs. The good news is that there are good and reliable software out there such as iAidsoft Data Rescue.

Recover deleted folder from your PC.

There are those folders that have material information and we would not want to delete them at all cost. When this happens, it can be a tough task to get them back more so if you lack the knowledge of folder recovery procedure using software such as the iAidsoft Data Rescue. With this unique software it is possible to get back your entire folder and its contents. Keep reading to find out how!

Have you used shift delete?

Just in case you have erased your folder and its contents permanently, chances are that you might not find the data easily since you lack software that can carry out deleted folder recovery in your PC. Using the iAidsoft Data Rescue it will direct you step by step on how you will recover your folder contents and any other files that you could have lost e.g. music, pictures, movies etc.

Steps to keep at your finger tips:

1. Install and Launch iAidsoft Data Rescue
In order to be able to use this software, you have to download it and run the setup once the download is complete. After this is done you will have options to choose from depending on what you really want to recover. To carry out deleted folder recovery you will click on the button labeled "deleted/formatted rescue". The option of deleted rescue will help you in getting back folders that you deleted in your computer. The formatted option is used when the disk space containing the folders was formatted or it crashed. You can also use the raw rescue alternative to get the folders back.

recover deleted folder

2. Recover deleted folder
Use the deleted rescue option to get your folders back. Here it is advisable to make specifications of the disk in which you had lost your folders. This will ensure that the process is fast.

deleted folder recovery

3. Tap on recover now
After identifying the disk and the respective folder that you wanted to recover, you simply tap on recover now. The process would not take long and you will have your folders recovered.

how to recover deleted folder

To recover deleted folder, try iAidsoft Data Rescue.

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