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How to use data recovery software to recover deleted files

There is that one button that can change it all. It is known as the delete button. It has the ability to remove a certain file from a specific location inside the folds of the computer's memory. Truth be told, it is a quite convenient button thinking of all the unnecessary files that keep on stacking up and tacking up storage space in the computers' precious memory. A clean up is always necessary in order to ensure that unnecessary files do not use up space that might be needed for files that are important. But what if due to a spell of bad luck you end up deleting an important file or worse you end up deleting a bunch of very important files? What then do you expect will happen? Will those files be lost to you forever? Or by some miracle will you be able to see them once again as you most dreadfully hope. You can recover deleted files quite easily if you use the iAidsoft Data Rescue software, so you just cannot hope but you can be assured that you will be able to see those deleted files again.

How to use data recovery software to recover deleted files?

The iAidsoft Data Rescue software is just the thing you need when you find that you have either deleted important files that you would need sometime in the future, or when you realize that you have formatted partition without thinking through thoroughly or when you realize that certain partitions have been corrupted by a virus and now the partition is beyond reach.

Three easy steps to recover your deleted files

You can recover deleted files with the help of the iAidsoft data rescue software in just three simple steps. The steps are made easy so that even those people who do not have much expertise in this regard will not have any problem when it comes to using this software.

You have to download the software from a reliable source at first. After you have downloaded the software, you then need to set up the data recovery software which can be done quite easily by following the single line commands.

Once you have set up the iAidsoft data rescue software, you will come face to face with an interface that will allow you to recover deleted files that you have lost due to four reasons; unfortunate deletion of important files, partitions that have been formatted, and you can also rescue information regarding the structure of the system and the last option will allow you to search for more software.

You can click on the type of data recovery that you want to perform, and then you need to select the partition from which you have lost your data after which you need to scan for items that have been deleted. You can be specific too for the item that you want to recover if you remember anything about the file, a name or a date, anything to track the file with.

Upon scanning you will be presented with a list of files that have been deleted and are now at your disposal to recover, you can choose file filter with whose help you can choose the file with the help of their extensions, date and size and then click on recover to recover those files.

The advantages of this software lie in the very fact that it is versatile in its functions. It allows you to not only recover text files or documents, but you can also recover audio, videos or any other data type that you seem to have deleted. You can also be rest assured that whatever you recover will be unscathed and of the same quality as the file you deleted.

To recover deleted files, try iAidsoft Data Rescue.

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