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How to Recover Deleted Files from Recycle Bin

A recycle bin can be seen everywhere in our daily life, which is typically designed with easy-to-recognize look, helps raising a sense of environmental protection for people at the same time. Anyway, they are not just with one simple background color sometimes. They may be marked with different colors to remind people of placing sorted materials into them, not simply poured all for one time. Thanks to the great minds of Tech genius, a specified recycle bin is also invented for removing computer trash into it in order to save disk space, also giving computer users an entrance to undo deleting files operations. This partly prevent unnecessary problems when we delete files by mistake.

Let's get back to the original time when a recycle bin was firstly introduced into computer usages. They were developing at a primary level, not that automatically stored or restored. Because you could remove unwanted files but without a way to get data back. People then (before Windows 95 was released) barely deleted files easily for it would be painful to spend extra time and energy to restore data, if they one day found out that the files were exactly being needed for their current use. What's lucky, recycling bin for now is much more intelligent because the deleted can be fetched.

Though a recycling bin build an insurance wall for every computer user, risks still exist. Because there are also various kinds of files which will not be recovered even they are kept in recycle bins. Such as files stored in desktop, .EXE program files, .DLL database files... Basically, they are files marked with "UNTOUCHABLE" label. Once you delete them (not with Shift + Delete), they can not be recovered from recycle bins.

So, here are some advices for getting avoid from such data loss problems. No worries if we form a habit like that.

1. Do data backups at a regular time period.

2. Never easily try Shift + Delete while deleting something.

3. Never easily do "File Crush" operation.

4. Never place files with formats like .EXE, .BAT, .DLL, .COM, .SYS...

However, accidents will happen. What can we do to recover deleted files from recycle bin?

As we know, no good method appears to perfectly deal with such a case at present. So most people would choose a data recovery software instead of changing regedit, modifying system files. In fact, they are not better than using a specific software to reach the same goal. Because software has its own operating process and algorithm, protecting the integrity of data then restore.

Let's take iAidsoft Data Rescue as an example to see how to restore data from a recycle bin.

Step 1: Install iAidsoft Data Rescue into computer and run it.

Step 2: Locate the place where the recycle bin is embedded. Click "Deleted Rescue" and "Scan" the location to figure out what you can recover from recycle bin.

Step 3: After the scan, choose the files you want to get them back. Click "Recover Now".

This is the process to do such a recovery, still uncertain about the reliability? View User Guide for a direction.

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