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Solution to recover deleted documents

Have you ever selected some documents to delete and later find out that you erased some important docs that you never wanted to delete? Well, this happens and in most cases, it occurs when we are in a rush to free some memory in our PCs or desktops. Despite the sad scenario, there is a solution for this via the help of 3rd party software. iAidsoft Data Rescue is one of the best software that can aid you to recover deleted documents or simply any type of document recovery that you want to carry out.

How does this work?
Through the 3rd party data rescue software mentioned above, you could easily trace the paths in which the documents have been deleted from. For example, if you had lost document in Local Disk C the software would simply single out the disk and you can recover deleted documents easily.

What happens if you pressed shift+ delete?
At times you might want to completely erase the documents that you have in your PC and you decide to use the permanently delete function. This command does not completely erase the documents, rather it stores in a different location that can only be accessed by software such as iAidsoft Data Rescue. With this software, you will simply select the folder in which the lost documents were in before and carry out a document recovery procedure.

iAidsoft Data Rescue software is very easy to use and provides a user with an easier time when trying to recover deleted documents. All you need to do is to ensure that you carry out the following:

Step 1 : Install and Launch iAidsoft Data Rescue
Go to iAidsoft homepage, download the setup file and follow the instruction to complete the setup process. In the main screen, there are four main features, "Deleted Rescue" which is designed to recover deleted documents, videos, photos and music. "Formatted Rescue" which is designed to recover data from formatted or destroyed partition. "Raw Rescue" which is a final data rescue way when you can't find your data through the first two modules. "Trunk" is a place where our editor recommends some other good PC utilities.

recover deleted documents

Step 2: Click on "Deleted Rescue"
As you deleted your documents by accident, "Deleted Rescue" is the function module where you can recover the deleted documents. Select the partition where you lose your documents, specify to scan only documents.

documents recovery

Step 3: Recover deleted documents
After the san process finished, it will display a list of lost or deleted documents, specify the location where you will save these files, then click "Recover Now" to recover those documents.

how to recover deleted documents

Word of caution: After you are through with the document recovery process, it is recommended that you save the files in a different disk space. This will free you from the worry of losing the documents again.

Now that you are aware of this software that can help to recover deleted documents, you should never worry that your documents are completely lost from your PC. Save yourself from the worry and secure yourself with iAidsoft Data Rescue.

To recover deleted documents, try iAidsoft Data Rescue.

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