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How To Recover Data From HTC Smartphones

The HTC series smartphone has ranked the 5th all around the world according to a recent authoritative survey. It is really precious for HTC to turn things around after an unsuccessful 2011 and keep moving without hesitation in such a fast-changing market, remaining a relevant driving force in phones. Maybe just in this way, it helps HTC a beloved smartphone for millions for years.

Anyway, most HTC lovers are addicted to it for a reason. Its excellent system optimization, self-developed SENSE, high security measures... Any of them would impress people.

But actually, the facts do not bear it out sometimes, especially the security part. Many complaints about it come out all the time. Experts of long-time HTC use in forums often point out that they are really disappointed about the smartphone data loss, no matter this kind of loss is with a reason or not. Because it is really painful and troublesome to spend time focusing on getting lost back. Here is how to use iAidsoft Data Rescue to recover data from HTC smartphone.

1. Set up the software

Get the newest download file and install it in your computer. Please note the iAidsoft Data Rescue only has windows version until now. Anyway, this software can help you restore data stored in HTC SD card, supporting various of file formats. All the recovery process can be done in few clicks.

2. Connect HTC to computer

Connect your HTC smartphone (no matter it is HTC Diamond Touch Pro. , HTC Touch Dual or other models... ). Open the software in the meantime to run a deep scan of your HTC SD card. The software will list what to scan, select the accurate option if you just want to rescue a specific file type.

3. Choose what to recover

The detailed files will be listed after your scan including photos, documents, log files, and other files that have not been overwritten. Please note if the original location of your lost HTC data does not be written in by new data, the data can be rescued by iAidsoft Data Rescue, also enabling to be open. If not, the recovery will end up with failure.

To perform data loss recovery, try iAidsoft Data Rescue.

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