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How to Deal With Partition Failures

Why do partitions have failures?

After the partition table's being damaged, "Non-System disk or disk error replace disk and press a key to reboot", error note mentioned may show on computer screen. But reasons for them are mainly three.

How to Deal With Partition Failures?

1. Have a Scan for Virus

If the partition table failure is caused because of boot sector virus the boot sector virus, we may use the boot disk offered by antivirus to open the computer system. Scan virus under DOS environment after that. If virus exist, it will remove virus and suggest a complete scan in order to kill invisible virus. In general, the computer may be normally used after removing boot sector virus. Note: Before booting your computer from floppy, be certain that the floppy write protection has not been open. Or the floppy will get virus infections.

2. Use Fdisk Command to Restore Data

Fdisk is a partition program, also has fast and convenient rescue to main boot sector functions. It may only affect main boot sector which will not do writing operations on other sectors. When Fdisk is used to recover master boot sector, first start system by using system starting disk. Input "Fdisk /mbr" on command CMD to overwrite the main boot sector records. Please note: the "Fdisk /mbr" command is intended for restoring main partition table which will not reconstruct it. Then, it is only qualified for conditions just like: the MBR are damaged by virus or the MBR codes missing while the master partition table works fine. Anyway, the command is not qualified for removing all boot type virus.

3. Use Fixmbr command to Recover MBR

In windows operating systems, we may generally make use of a few enhanced commands integrated console. Let's say, Fixmbr command is used to recover and replace the appointed drivers MBR. Fixboot command is used for restoring boot sector of known designated drivers. Diskpart command can add or remove hard disk partitions, Expand may extract lost files from pointed CAB source files. The Listsvc can create a service list to indicate the current services' startup states. Enable & Disable could be separately used for not allowing or allowing a service or a hardware device, etc. Anyway, when you write down "help" command, you will see all commands and every details of the commands. For instance, if you input command "fixmbr", t will allow console to check the current system main boot records, Then input "Y" on "Be sure of writing a new main boot records". It accomplishes the MBR rescue.

4. Use iAidsoft Data Rescue Software

Step1: After installing the software in your computer, you will find there are three modules for the data recovery.

Step2: Choose Formatted Rescue, and then click Scan Now to start. At last choose files needed to be recovered, click Recover Now.

Step3: When finishing scan, filter the wanted to be recover files. There are three modules for your filter, Extensions, Date and Size. It will help more accurate recovery.

Step4: Finish recovery and get your files recovery result. In a word, no matter what kinds of partition recovery thing we will face, just be patient and follow advices.

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