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MSN password cracker to help you find back forgotten msn password

MSN is the most popular IM tool in our daily life, a lot of friends' contact information is in it. If we forgot the password one day, it will bring big inconvenience to us. If it really happens to you, what you can do? Today I will tell you the way to solve this issue. If you still remember the answer to the security questions and alternative email address when you launched the account before, you can go to ask password reset service from Microsoft. However, if you forgot this information, Microsoft will do nothing for you. In this case, the only way you can perform MSN password recovery is through MSN password cracker.

MSN password cracker works like this, it can scan the computer registry where stored your MSN account and password, then it can crack the MSN password with its algorithm. So it works on the condition of you ever clicked "Remember me" box when you access the account. .

Here I introduce a good MSN password cracker tool that stays in market for long time, it is called iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle. Below are the simple steps to crack MSN password with this tool.

Step 1: Run iAidsoft MSN password cracker
Download setup.exe of this MSN password cracker tool, install and run it. Then the main interface is displayed, you can see three main functions. First is Windows Password Recovery which can reset windows password when you forgot it. Second is Account Password Recovery which can recover lot of accounts passwords. Third is Windows and Office Key Finder where you can get back lost MS windows and office key.


Step 2: Choose MSN password module
Below Account Password Recovery Module, there are several options for your select, Hotmail password, Gmail password, Yahoo password, etc. What you need to select is MSN/Hotmail password. Click "Recover Now" to next step.


Step 3: Crack MSN password
When you click "Recover Now", the lost MSN password will be displayed instantly, export and backup it.

Note: It is only for personal use, you can't use this tool to crack other person's MSN account, it is illegal and not allowed.

To crack MSN password, try iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle.

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