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How to Perform Memory Card Recovery

Photos and videos are the best means to cherish good times and keep your memory. Modern digital cameras and camcorders use memory cards to store captured photos and videos. Memory cards are small, detachable, non-volatile data storage devices. However, if you mistakenly delete your memorable photo, videos or other data from your memory card, it will be devastating and you will panic and wonder if there is anyway to perform the memory card recovery to get back your valuable photos, videos or any other important files. The answer is definitely yes. You can perform an memory card recovery easily by yourself with the help of iAidsoft memory card recovery.

When you find your data is lost from memory card, the first thing you need to do is to stop using the memory card immediately, and take the memory card out of the device like digital camera, camcorder, mobile phone or others and put it in a safe place. Why you need to do that? It is to maximum the possibility of recovering data from memory card. Although you see the data is lost, actually it is still stored on the precious sectors of the disk on your memory card. So all the new computer activities may overwrite the original data and reduce chances of memory card recovery. If the data is not overwritten, it is very possible to perform the memory card recovery with the help of memory card recovery software.

How to recover deleted photos, videos and other data from memory card?

Here you need to go to find the third-party Memory Card Recovery Software. After searching on the internet, you may find some free software which can perform deleted photo recovery from memory card, but never use the freeware for photo recovery as freeware are generally malware or malicious software which harm your computer despite of recovering data. We recommend iAidsoft Data Rescue which uses advanced algorithms to scan your memory card and dig the disk to search your erased file data, it has easy GUI and simple three steps photo to let you get back all the lost photos, videos, audios, etc. by yourself. And it supports almost all digital camera and memory card brands.

With ONLY 3 steps, you can quickly perform memory card recovery.

1. Connect your memory card to a computer with iAidsoft Data Rescue. Select your SD card and start to scan.
2. Check the scanned results of your memory card.
3. Select the path to restore your lost file and click recover to get your lost files back.

iAidsoft Data Rescue can perform memory card data recovery under the below scenarios:

>>Accidentally delete files from memory card
>>Memory card formatted
>>Memory card corrupted or inaccessible
>>Power failure
>>Virus inflection

To get your lost data back from memory card, try iAidsoft Data Rescue.

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