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How to Restore Data from Corrupted Compressed Files

We are using data compression technology to keep our data be stored with fewer bits than its original representation. Much disk space would be saved when we compress files into .ZIP, .RAR file formats. Such data compression is useful to reduce the extra resource consumption and helps large files like videos representing in a much faster, more convenient stored way.

Not to mention its original space save, files transmitting capacity between computer components would be more quickly if files are compressed. No additional storage and CPU occupation would be required.

There are two main types of data compression- lossy compression (which is commonly used in digital cameras/DVDs) and lossless compression (which has its unique algorithm, more popular and widely used than the former one). No information would be lost in lossless method, while the lossy one does not actually mean that you will have to lose some data in files. They are just implying that the most unnecessary part of your intend-to-compress files would be removed to finish the compression process. Anyway, both are available to compress files we typically use.

Moreover, the two methods have different compression theories, are also not that secure than we we imagined. Data would be lost in compressed files if wrong operations have done, or virus affection happens... Our compressed files would become inaccessible and keep showing error messages when trying to decompress them for common use. What's worse, it would be frustrated to see no matter how many supporting software we have used for these decompressions, they still end up with failures.

However, a corruption for compressed files would be caused by many reasons and we ought to figure out what the reason is before we take action. Meanwhile, find out another way out instead of entangling yourself into useless efforts would also be helpful. For example, if the case looks more like a compressed files' data loss situation, we had better rely on an exclusive software to recover compressed files.

But how? How will we do this if we want to restore data from corrupted compressed files? The below text will tell you.

Step1- Get an ideal data recovery software, especially the one supports most file formats like .ZIP, .RAR, .JAR...

Step2- Install and run the chosen software on your computer.

Different software has different operating design. But whichever you are using, a complete scan for your corrupted files would be highly recommended. Because a scan will let you know what part you exactly want to recover within such a compressed file.

For instance, you can usually use the embedded filter of the software to filter the unwanted file parts.

Step3- Select the corrupted parts of the file and click button like "Recover Now" to begin your recovery.

Step4- If the compressed files still have problems after recovery, see where indeed goes wrong before seeking another way.

In short, data compression can not guarantee the integrity of a file because accidents may happen. Be careful about your operations while compressing is the most important thing. If we are unlucky to face with such cases in life, we do not need to worry for we always have a way to get data back.

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