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How to recover iphone data

Iphone is one of the most popular mobile phones in the current world. Because of its different operating system use and technology level, it prevents our iphone data from being stolen by hackers, unknown virus... But as we all know that it is not safe to count on one safety guard, we should also pay attention to usual iphone data protections. Moreover, the typical iphone data issues are most likely to happen to its flash memory card. If you are lucky to have your iphone memory card fulfill the following two requirements, the data could be recovered.

1. File data area has not be damaged.

2. The fat table has not be damaged.

If both of them are there, the data can be 100% recovered. If 1 is there while 2 is not, the iphone data recovery would depend on the file storage methods. Because if the data is continuous storage, we can find the file via its special labels. If not, it will be trial and efforts to find the file and none would spend time on this. Eventually, the data is gone for good.

Meanwhile, if nothing occurs to fat table, we can use iAidSoft Data Rescue to restore iphone data. All we need do is to open the software and scan the whole flash memory card. Choose what to recover, then export those successfully rescued data after the recovery process. Besides, if the fat table is damaged, we could only ask for professional consultation to deal with such cases from iphone merchants or mobile phone engineers.

Besides, we could recover lost iphone data in these situations.

1. The iphone can normally connect to the computer.

It means the connection between iphone and computer is fine, the disk can be recognized by computer. Then its recovery would be easy.

2. Iphone outside SIM card content recovery.

This has nothing to do with iphone, only need to find a specialized equipment to load the SIM card content.

3. Iphone flash memory card data recovery.

Like mentioned above, the data can be recovered if it fits the two requirements.

Anyway, we should in the meantime have a good habit to backup our iphone data. Iphone users can send the backup data to iCloud in case of IOS data recovery things. Because IOS specific recovery service would be very expensive! According to a price list made by Apple, 5GB storage for iCloud is free and suitable for iphone users.

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