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Forgot windows login password and no password reset disk?

When you forgot windows login password for your computer, this could pose a big problem for you. You will not be able to access your computer since you don't have the key to get in the system. You cannot just do reformatting because you need your files to be intact. This may seem to be a big trouble but actually there is an easy way to reset your password when you forgot windows login password. You don't even have to call some computer geeks and highly technical people. The best solution for you is to use iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery software. It is an easy to follow program that will guide you on how to reset your password whenever you forgot windows login password.

Basically, windows system has a way to reset passwords. However, there is a need for you to have a CD prior to the reset process and you must have the old password before you can create a new one. Since you forgot windows login password and there is no reset disk in prior, asking for the third party windows reset tool is your only choice. The iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery software allows you to reset your password easily without having to change something to your device. It is an easy to follow process. All you need to do is follow the simple steps provide chronologically.

Here are the basic steps to do with the software when you forgot windows login password.

Step 1: Launch iAidsoft Windows Login Password Reset Tool
Go to iAidsoft online store, download the setup file, follow the instruction to complete the install process, then it will come up with a straightforward interface which has detailed instructions to help you reset the password successfully.

forgot windows login password

Step 2: Burn the software in a bootable CD/DVD or USB
Modern computers allow removable media such as CD/CDV and USB drive for rebooting processes. Prepare a CD, DVD or USB drive and make sure that there is enough space for the program to be stored. Then click "Burn CD/DVD" or "Burn USB drive" and follow the steps to complete the burning process.

reset forgotten windows login password

Step 3: Change computer's BIOS settings and boot it from CD or USB
Connect the bootable CD/DVD or USB drive to the locked computer and make sure you allow the settings of your computer to boot from a removable media such as CD/DVD or USB drive. If any trouble in this step, please follow the guide of boot from CD or boot from USB drive.

Step 4: Reset the forgotten Windows login password
Allow the software to execute and it will lead you to an option where you can reset forgotten windows password as blank. Then restart the computer system and you will find that it doesn't ask for a password anymore, you can enter the system normally.

forgotten windows login password

iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery works with almost any brands of computers such as Dell, Samsung, HP, Sony, Toshiba and many more. So, whenever you encounter problems like when you forgot windows login password, this software can surely aid you through.

To reset forgotten windows login password, try iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery.

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