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Easy steps to do when you forgot windows 7 password

Modern gadgets in the digital world of today require passwords every now and then. It is a way to confirm the authenticity of the user. However, there is a tendency for us humans to forget the passwords that we have cherished so dearly due to many reasons. The good news is that there is software now available that would help you in case if you forgot windows 7 password. The iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery understands our human limitations when it comes to memorizing all the passwords that have been created. This user interface software is very easy with steps that are very clear and concise. A computer degree background is no longer necessary as the software is made to cater all people regardless of their technical backgrounds.

There are actually two options to reset passwords when you forgot windows 7 password. The windows system allows you to reset the system provided that you must have created a disk prior to the reset when you still know the password. But if you forgot windows 7 password and didn't create windows 7 reset disk in advance, the iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery is the best option to use.

iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery is a powerful yet simple program that will enable you to reset passwords. There is no need for you to go through the hassle of uninstalling and reinstalling the system in your desktops. Rest assured that this software enables you to use your windows system once again without worrying of any data loss of corrupted files.

Here are the basic steps to follow using the software whenever you forgot windows 7 password.

Step 1: Download iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery
The software is readily available in the internet. You can download it from iAidsoft official website. After the setup completed, you can see main interface with detailed guide instruction.

forgot windows 7 password

Step 2: Using the downloaded software, create your own bootable CD/DVD or USB drive
You are given the option to use CD, DVD or USB drive to use for the software. USB are preferred nowadays due to their capacity to handle large files. Connect your device to the computer. Just click on "Burn CD now" or "Burn USB Now" and the process will automatically start.

recover forgotten windows 7 password

Step 3: Using the CD/DVD or USB, boot your locked computer
Use the software burned in the CD or USB to boot up your locked computer. Press on F2 or Delete button to enter the BIOS setup interface, select "CD-ROM" as first boot device if you insert CD/DVD or select "USB-HDD" if you plug USB drive, then press enter to save the changes. If you have any trouble in this step, please go the detailed guide of boot from CD or boot from USB drive.

Step 4: Reset the forgotten windows 7 password
The software will now play showing you an option along the way to reset the password.

reset forgotten windows 7 password

The software is so easy to use and can easily create a new one for you when you forgot windows 7 password.

To reset forgotten windows 7 password, try iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery.

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