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Forgot Hotmail Password? Find it back by yourself

Forgot Hotmail password and can't get into the account? Such thing happens to a lot of people as we are human and we can't remember everything in our life. Hotmail account is very important for everybody as the important mails in hotmail and friends' contact information in MSN. Are there any ways to rescue when we really forgot Hotmail password? The answer is Yes.

First of all, go to ask help from Microsoft password reset service. Go to the Windows Live Hotmail password reset page. Click the "Can't access your account" link from the page. Then make sure "I forgot my password" is selected and click the "Reset your password". Then input your Windows Live ID and there are two choice to get back the forgotten Hotmail password, first is "Email me a reset link" if you input the secondary email address when you set up this account, second is to answer the ""Security Question" which you set for this account before. For both of them, you can get your Hotmail password back.

If you forgot the answer to the security question or the alternative email address is invalid, you may not get back the password with Windows Live Hotmail password reset service. In this case, you have to choose the second method to find back forgotten Hotmail password, that is third party Hotmail password recovery program.

How to reset forgotten Hotmail password with the password recovery program?

First of all, get a professional password recovery program when you forgot Hotmail password. Here we recommend iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle. It is a bundle set to recover any account passwords including Hotmail account, Yahoo account, Gmail account, etc.

Step 1: Download and Run iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle
Download the setup file, double click and run it. Then you will see the main interface with three main features. Windows Password Recovery, Account Password Recovery, Microsoft Windows and Office Key Recovery. As you forgot Hotmail password, click "Account Password Recovery" to next step.

forgot hotmail password

Step 2: Select Windows Live ID Password
Here, it lists all kinds of account password that iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle can recover, Hotmail account, Yahoo account, Gmail account, etc. Select Windows Live ID Password (Hotmail account) and click "Recover Now" to get back the forgotten Hotmail password.

forgotten hotmail password

Step 3: Get back forgotten Hotmail password
Now the forgotten Hotmail password can be found and displayed instantly, write it down and take it carefully.

reset forgotten hotmail password

With iAidsoft Hotmail Password Recovery program, forgot Hotmail password will not be a nightmare for anybody.

To reset forgotten Hotmail password, try iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle.

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