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Forgot Gmail password? You can find it back by yourself

What's the worst thing that can happen to internet users? Computer crash, virus attack, password lost, etc. Today I will talk about one of such worst things, forgot Gmail password. It is really terrible thing if you forgot it as there is so much valuable information in Gmail account. We are human and nobody can guarantee they can remember all the things including password numbers. I see many examples that they forgot their Gmail password. What could we do when we forgot Gmail password, can we find it back? The answer is definitely yes.

First choice is going to the Google email services which are registration based have a password recovery system. There is a condition that you can perform Gmail password recovery through this way, you need to remember the answer to the security question and alternative email address that you filled when setting up the account. However, you may forget it or you didn't pay attention to the password security question that is a feature of most email accounts. If so, you can't get back your forgotten Gmail password in this way.

Here I recommend an alternative choice to recover it when you forgot Gmail password, 3rd party password finder program. This is iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle, a trusted program which gains great honor in market in past time.

Actually when you login to your Gmail account, information has been automatically remembered by the registry on your computer or the hard disk. But you can't get the info out manually, but iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle can help you do this.

Simple steps to find your forgotten Gmail password through iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle.

Step 1: Run iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle
Download the setup file from the official website, install and launch it. You will see a straightforward interface to guide your operation. It contains 3 main modules. Windows Password Recovery, Account Password Recovery, Windows and Office Key finder. What you need to go is Account Password Recovery.

forgot gmail password

Step 2: Go to Gmail password finder module
iAidsoft Password Recovery bundle can recover passwords from lots of accounts, ie, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, etc. Choose Gmail password finder and click "Recover Now".

forgotten gmail password

Step3: Find back forgotten Gmail Password
After click "Recover Now", your forgotten Gmail password will be displayed instantly, please make it as a backup and store it.

recover forgotten gmail password

Forgot Gmail password will not be your nightmare if you know above methods in finding forgotten Gmail password.

To get back forgotten Gmail password, try iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle.

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