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How to Fix Video Playing Error ?

Sometimes we insert a DVD into our computer DVD driver or play downloaded YouTube videos on video player, preparing to watch for entertainment, but the video just can not be played or have problems showing their pictures. This situation happens without a sign and we can not make sure what causes it, not to mention how to fix such video playing error.

We used to deal with it by changing video player, installing new graphics card... They are most common used methods, and here will introduce too. But we also recommend a solution by using data recovery software. You may be wondering why... Because in our thoughts, we may think that such software would only handle data losses, help people restore data, or just guide us to deal with how to recover data issue. But surprisely, it can fix video playing error in the meantime, just regarding it as a damaged file.

So, here will list some video error symptoms and the solutions, not only those common methods, but also a full explain of a solution with iAidsoft Data Rescue. Let it reflect a fashion side of software!

Common Methods

1. Has sound but no pictures

Possible reasons: No proper decoder for your video player or the decoder files have damaged

Solutions: Install the corresponding formats' decoders.

2. Has pictures but no sound

Possible reasons: 1. No install of AC3 plug-in or AC3 plug-in has damaged. 2. Video Player does not support such video format.

Solutions: 1. Install AC3 plug-in. 2. Download other video player.

3. Videos not smoothly play

Possible reasons: 1. Decoder version problems. 2. Graphics driver version problem.

Solutions: 1. Change the decoder- decoders of same type, but different version. 2. Replace it with a newer version of graphics driver. .

4. Pictures are too dim to see any content of the video

Possible Reasons: 1. Decoder program itself problem. 2. Use Windows Media Player to play RM/RMVB video files via installing a relevant player decoder. 3. Video player version problems or itself setting.

Solutions: 1. Change the decoder with a same type, but different version one. 2. Use Realplayer to play, but this is not with good compatibility, only applying to normal circumstances. 3. Change the video player version or modify its settings.

5. Sound sounds weird

Possible reasons: Decoder version problem.

Solutions: 1. Replace it with the decoder of same type, different version. 2. Change AC3 plug-in version. 3. Modify settings in AC3.

6. Video player note error

Possible reasons: 1. Video files are not downloaded completely or have damaged while downloading. 2. Source file itself has error. 3. Decoder does not support the current operating system. 4. System temporary problems. 5. Video files can not be recognized by video player, connection failed. Note error at the same time.

Solutions: 1. Redownload the video files. 2. Change a decoder. 3. Close video player then restart it or directly restart computer. 4. Special file formats like .MKV, .OGM can not be open- fix it by newing its decoders, or just change them with .AVI file suffixes, then open.

Use iAidSoft Data Rescue

Most of the mentioned above situations are no more than 4 main causes- video player, decoder/ plug-in, system, video file itself. And if the problem is about video file itself, we can make a full use of data recovery software to do the recovery process.

1. Run the software in your computer and locate the video file location.

2. Scan the location and find out the damaged video files.

3. Choose "Recover Now" to finish a total recovery.

4. Then open the recovered video file in your video player, most of the files can be open successfully.

Anyway, video playing error is not just one simple reason sometimes. Just be careful with them, or it would be a pain rather than an entertainment.

To rescue your data, try iAidsoft Data Rescue.

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