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How to Fix Black Screen of Computer

There has been a growing movement for people nowadays to use computers to download software, watch videos, listen music, or learn, or do other things via Internet. It could possible be a big headache for us to see computer crashes, especially the black screen case. You will at least know how to operate if your PC is not responding, but a black screen is like a nightmare, nowhere to hide, nowhere to escape.

Why does computer appear black screen?

1. Part of the reason for black screen is virus. They disguise as popular tools like video player, taking advantages of Internet access to various different computers, spreading as much as possible. You may see ads pop us without a reason, IE home page sudden changes, continuous lottery information...

2. Install the so-called black screen patch. It is funny to know that black screen patch is from Microsoft, who takes the measure of showing black screen every hour to warn people using pirated XP professional operation system.

3. Video card is incompatible with video card driver.

4. Wrong deletion for driver files. Driver files have big size which will occupy large disk space. You may think it is useless and carelessly delete them. In this case, you may need to restore data to have computer run again.

How to fix black screen with typical methods?

1. Never easily download software from suspicious sites. We can trust big download sites like CNET, Tucows... They are welcomed for a reason, we will not have the necessaries to be careful with virus while downloading software on those sites.

2. Never try those black screen patches. They are of no use in common circumstances. Only Microsoft will take time to encourage people to use official XP operating system, others will only make use of patches and embed Trojan in your computers.

3. If you are facing compatibility thing for your black screen issue, just a proper driver can fix this.

How to fix black screen with iAidSoft Data Rescue?

1. Enter the software main interface, have a quick scan for driver files.

Please note driver files are usually with files formats like *.INF, *.SYS, *.DLL.

2. Find out what driver files you have removed recently and choose "Recover Now".

3. Most black screen can be fixed after recovering driver files.

To rescue your data, try iAidsoft Data Rescue.

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