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How to find and recover windows key

In order to reinstall windows system, you must have windows product key as known as CD key to activate the system. However, we always can't find windows key when we need it, we may lost the hard copy of the product key, or we forget to write down the product key through downloads. Whatever, such thing will really put you in a bind. You must find out the product key before reinstalling your operation system.

In order to find windows key out in the shortest time, you need to remember how you get the windows operation system. If you purchase the CD in retail store, the windows product key can typically be found on a label of the product packaging containing the CD when you purchase it or on a small Microsoft sticker on the outside of the PC's case. If you purchase the product key through online store, it may be still in your email box, you need to check your email record.

If you can't find windows product key by the above ways, or you bought an assembled PC where the vendor not gave you the windows product key, you will definitely lose the Windows key. But don't worry, the product key still exists in your computer, it's located in the registry but it's encrypted and not readable, so it is impossible to find it out manually. In this case, you need to ask help from 3rd party windows key finder program, they can help find out the encrypted product key from windows registry and display it for your backup.

Today I recommend a professional windows key finder program with straightforward interface and powerful functions, iAidsoft Password Recovery Bundle. This utility can find Windows cd key and display it in front of you instantly. It support finding windows 7 product key and windows XP key. Besides finding windows key, it also can find Office product key. So it is really convenient for you to do a backup for all the Microsoft products. I find it also can recover forgotten windows passwords and any account passwords such as Outlook, Access, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, Gtalk, etc. Really a complete password and key recovery bundle.

Below are simple steps to find and recover windows product key by iAidsoft Password Recovery.

Step 1: Download iAidsoft Password Recovery setup, install it and run the program.

Step 2: Click " MS Windows and Office Key Recovery" Module.

Step 3: The windows product ID and product key are displayed instantly along with Microsoft Office product ID and key.

Step 4: Export it to a txt file and make a backup.

find windows key

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