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How to recover lost files from External Hard Drive

If you have been using an external hard drive then you will know the main importance of this drive. Depending on the size of your external hard drive, you can use it to carry important data. This drive is normally taken to be some form of recovery for your PC just in case it loses files by mistake. Well, other people would use the drive as a means to free memory on their computers. Now the question that lingers in mind is; what happens if you lose the data stored in the external drive? This would really mess you up since essential data was stored in it. What you need to do is to carry out external hard drive data recovery with the help of iAidsoft Data Rescue.

Make use of iAidsoft Data Rescue

There are some software that are specifically developed to help you recover files from external hard drive. One of such software is the iAidsoft Data Rescue software. With this software you can take a breath that you will get all your lost data within seconds. All you need to do is to know how you will use iAidsoft Data Rescue to carry out a successful external hard drive data recovery. This article will focus on a few steps that would be handy in recovering files from your drive.

Basic steps to recover files from external hard drive with iAidsoft Data Rescue.

Step 1: Have iAidsoft Data Rescue in your computer
Just before we get to the main steps, you should ensure that you have the software in your computer. This is to mean that you will have to download the software and launch the application once it is complete. Having equipped yourself with the software you can go ahead to follow the steps as laid out below.

external hard drive data recovery

Step 2: Plug in the external hard drive
This should be done once you initiate the external hard drive data recovery. Once this is done, the external hard drive will be displayed in the software, then select which files you want to scan, videos, documents, photos or music. Or you can scan everything from the external hard drive.

recover files from external hard drive

Step 3: Wait for the scanned results and recover files from external hard drive
You will need to wait for a few moments for a complete and smooth system scanning. Having identified the files that you want to recover, you can move a step further to click on recover now option. This will initiate the process of external hard drive data recovery.

recover data from external hard drive

Using iAidsoft Data Rescue is as simple as it sounds. Please make a point of following the above steps as this will ensure you get all the files that you wanted to restore. It is a inclusive software which also can recover files from pen drive, recover files from USB drive and others.

One thing to note, don't save these recovered files to the original external hard drive, please restore them to the computer directly or to other portable devices.

To recover files from external hard drive, try iAidsoft Data Rescue.

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