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Learn how to recover deleted excel files

We all know the uses to which we can rely on excel to carry out for us. For example, large corporations have benefited a lot from this software since it makes it easy for users to manage data in the firm. Now, worry creeps in when we delete the stored data by mistake. Well, error is to human and we cannot blame anyone if this happens. There is a solution to make use of and this is by using iAidsoft Data Rescue software.

Don't worry about an empty recycle bin.

Most of you are now worried that once the recycle bin is empty, nothing can be done to recover deleted excel files. Worry no more since using iAidsoft Data Rescue you can easily get all your excel files by carrying out excel file recovery procedure that will be explained in detail in this critique.

Recover even after you "permanently delete" an excel file.

Normally we are accustomed to using the shift-delete function to free space from our disks. This is a good thing to do but when it comes to important documents it can prove to be an inconvenience more so when you lack the knowledge of excel file recovery. If you have the iAidsoft Data Rescue you can rest assured that you will recover all your deleted excel files in seconds. All you need to do is to learn how the software functions.

Basic steps to follow:

1. Using iAidsoft Data Rescue to recover deleted excel file

You need to download the setup of this software into your PC and run it. Once the process is complete an interface will show up having four main buttons in which you can make use of to recover deleted excel files. The first button is the "deleted rescue"- here you will recover your excel files as well as other data e.g. videos, music photos etc. you can use the 2nd button to recover files that were lost after the disk space was formatted or even destroyed. The 3rd option is the "raw rescue"- this will be used when the first two options have not given you the data that you are in search of. Last but not least we have the "trunk"-if you are in search of excellent PC utilities then this is the place that you should visit.

recover deleted excel files

2. Recover your excel files

As mentioned above, in order to recover deleted excel files you will use the "deleted rescue" alternative. Here you have to know the location in which the files were in before you erroneously deleted them. Once you have traced them, tap on recover now.

excel file recovery

3. Save your files

With the above information you can easily recover deleted excel files in your PC. Ensure you have the iAidsoft Data Rescue software installed in your PC to enjoy the numerous services it offers.

recover excel files

To recover deleted excel files, try iAidsoft Data Rescue.

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