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Data Recovery Related

You may want to know what data recovery is all about before trying to get deleted files back.

What is data recovery?

If a storage medium damages or it appears personnel wrongly operations, or OS itself gets trouble, any of these will make the computer data unable to be seen, read, and even lost. People use special methods to restore data, invisible in normal circumstances, to be read and visible again.

What to recover?

Different kinds of hard disks, storage tape library, flash driver, mobile HDD, digital SD card, etc...

How the data is being stored?

The basic unit of hard disk data storage is "sector" which can be defined as a page of a book. When using the computer for the first time, our top priority is partitioning for better management of the computer which is like to make catalog for a book. Meanwhile, the partitioning tool will label hard disk witheach partition size, starting location, info like this, we typically call it MBR. When the MBR records are destroyed, some or all partitions would naturally disappear. But we can via analyzing data character, recalculating, manually labeling to rescue data.

What to note in our daily computer usage?

  • 1. Never format the hard disk or something easily.
  • 2. Use NTFS partition format. Safer and faster scanning speed.
  • 3. Never easily try fragmentation.

How to recover data using software but with special tips?

  • 1. Not necessary to have a complete scan. Free or paid data recovery software , they all can read the directory structure division before scanning and successfully finding deleted file, according to the deletion mark.
  • 2. Use file format filter.
  • 3. Ingeniously arrange scanning scope. It helps to reduce the scanning time period.

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