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Data Loss Solution

When we are facing some simple software type data loss, we can handle them ourselves.

1. Power suddenly cuts, we are unable to find the operating system after restarting the computer or note "DISK BOOT FAILURE,INSERT SYSTEN DISK AND PRESS ENTER".

Frequence of occurrence among all problems: 30% or above.

Caused by: HD main lord direct area error.

How to recover data: Use floppy disks to start your system, then enter "C:" to see if C disk content can be read. If does, use Fdisk/mbr command to unconditionally rewrite the lord direct area. This can restore data, also save all original data. Please note, run Fdisk/mbr command, there would be no system reaction, but it indeed works in the background. Because the DDPT has small data volume, the rewrite time period is too tiny to feel. If C disk content can not be read, we can use tools like Fixmbr. We run it under DOS, system will automatically check partition table structure. With user's confirmation, it will start to recover data, also automatically.

2. Hard disk has improper assignments, using partitioning software to partition or merge partitions.

Frequence of occurrence among all problems:10%

Caused by: Invalid partition table error.

How to recover data: Due to the cause of this error, we could use some data recovery software such as iAidsoft Data Rescue to automatically restore data. Of course, manually operations can recover data too. Nevertheless it is mostly used in cases like data recovery is unable to find the backup partition table. But manually operations are completely based on experiences and will directly operate partition table data with software help.After using software like WinHex or others to open disk, the DPT hard disk partition tables ranging from "80" to "55AA" are of great importance. If they show being in bad conditions, you may need to handwrite restore partition table. The writing process is complex and much practical experience is needed, so be careful before rewriting them.

3. Unable to open partition, note "Partition Not Formated"

Caused by: DBR

How to recover data: We may say format directly hard disk to solve this partition recovery problem, but the data may be overwritten which can not be recovered then. So try to place the broken disk as a slave on another computer. See it can be open or not. Still not working? Rewrite DRB template via recovery software. Skip DRB info and directly choose the error partition, open the option named "Start Sector Template" or something like that to start your recovery. Please note that the FAT32 partition and NTFS partition are not different, be careful when choosing.

4. Zero track damages, hard disk can not start.

Frequence of occurrence among all problems:10%

Caused by: Zero track

How to recover data: Zero track is the key location because it has hard disk partition table in it. Actually zero track damage is just a special circumstances of physical bad sectors, the only difference is the sensitivity of the damaged location. In this case, what we need is a data recovery software which can focus on copying sector from a specific range, directly locate and skip the former part, also with strong copy function and relevant checksum algorithm.

5. Partition is wrongly formatted or cloned.

Frequence of occurrence among all problems:40% or above

Caused by: Individual wrong operations

How to recover data: Disk scanning and also use data recovery software. Most of the software will first find the files pieces and rearrange the pieces according to the statistics. Then build a visual file system, list all files and directories. Restore the data at last. But no new rewrite operations are allowed at that time, or you can never get the files back.

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