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How to bypass windows password when you forgot it

When we store up data in the computer, we usually want our data boxed up and secure from the rest of the world. This is because of the simple fact that we usually tend to want and have our own separate machine which consists of our own personal space that will allow us to store all the data that we store up there. People once used computer quite sparsely but with technological advancements, almost every person now owns a computer machine. This means that the computer will usually hold all the things that you would want stored up for you. But if everybody wants to own their own computer then that could only mean one thing that everybody wants to have their own personal space. And why shouldn't they? Everybody wants to have their own personal garden. In order to make sure that the personal garden exists, it is important that we store up our data under the protection of a password. A password will be your safe heaven, a tool with which you can ward off anybody but you when they switch on your computer. But all hell will break lose if you fail to remember your own password. Then you need a way to crack forgotten password. You need a way to bypass windows password, and how do you do that? Well for that, you need iAidsoft windows password recovery. The iAidsoft windows password recovery is an amazing tool which has the ability to bypass windows password without affecting any other thing in the computer.

How to use the iAidsoft windows password recovery to bypass windows password?

Step 1: Download and Launch iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery
The program is a very easy-to-use program to bypass forgot windows password. There are two options for your choose, CD/DVD and USB drive.

windows 7 password reset

Step 2: Burn a Windows Password Reset CD/DVD or USB drive
Plug in a CD or USB drive into your computer. Then burn a bootable CD or USB per the operation guide. Guide to tell you how to burn a bootable CD or burn a bootable USB drive. windows 7 password reset

Step 3: Boot from the burned CD or USB drive
Before bypassing your windows password, you need to change the BIOS setting to make the locked computer boot from CD or USB drive. The guide to tell you how to boot from CD or boot from USB drive.

Step 4: Bypass windows password
Reboot the computer and you can bypass forgotten windows password now. windows password recovery

iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery is quite easy to use. It is made such, so that all sorts of people may find it useful. The easy steps with which this software works, is the reason why it is so effective with all forms of computer users. This software can be used without causing the slightest amount of glitches in the running of the computer. This software will never disturb any of the data that is stored on the computer.

To bypass windows password, try iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery.

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