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Android Phone Data Recovery

A recent survey shows, Android operating system has been listed as the best-selling smart phone platform worldwide in use. But it is not surprising to see people get stuck in Android phone data loss situations because they may not be careful enough for the SD card files under this system. They take it for granted that Android system is safe and unbreakable. Ironically, every mobile phone system has weaknesses. If people having bad intentions take advantages of these and hack your phones, all your personal data would be under risk. Due to this case, it would become more and more important for us to have our Android phone be under control and be aware of the methods for Android phone data recovery. Here explains how:

Backup your data at a regular time period

Nearly a half phone users would backup their contacts, messages, web browsering history and other data while a half do not. Keep an eye on our Android phone data and always backup at a regular time period are really good habits. It help you get rid of data losses problems to some degree. If worse things happen, we could also get data back in time without any other worries or money cost.

Note files under Android system and never easily delete them

There are massive files under Android system. We may totally have no idea what they are used for and can not know every detailed function even by remembering. But more and more cache files are generated which slow down our system speed, we have to remove them. So before doing so, we need to note Android files.

1 .android_secure, generated by official app2sd. Software installed in SD card could no longer be used after removing it.

2. bluetooth.apk, bluetooth share, bluetooth file transfer can not be used after removing it.

3. AccountAndSyncSettings.apk, account and sync setting, can be removed but not recommended.

4. DownloadProvider.apk, download management, will show download errors after removing it.

5. For more, you may google for Android system files.

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