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How to burn a bootable USB Flash Drive?

To save your time, please read the belowing first.

Before burning your bootable USB drive, please make sure that your computer supports booting from USB drive. If you are not sure, please read "How to boot from USB drive".

To burn bootable USB, Please click "Burn USB Now" button and it will automatically start the burning process. If you have any trouble while burning the USB, please read the step-by-step instructions below.
Note: Our USB burn software will format your USB drive, please backup your data first. Please DO NOT try to click/open/unzip/extract/install the ".ISO" file.

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Step-by-Step instructions on burning USB:

Step 1: After clicking on "Burn USB Now" button, the burner will be launched. The burning software will locate the image file(ISO file) and the USB drive automatically. If the burning software can't find the image file(ISO file) or the USB drive, please specify them manually.

Step 2: Click "OK" button to burn.

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Step 3: Please wait until the burning process completed.

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Step 4: Click "OK" to finish the burning.

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