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How to boot from CD

To boot from the bootable CD, you need to set your CD-ROM drive as the first boot device. Below is a step by step guide.

Step 1: Insert iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery CD/DVD into your CD-ROM/DVD-ROM and restart your computer.

Step 2: Press "F2" or "Delete" to enter the BIOS setup interface when your computer is booting.

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Step 3: Select "Advanced BIOS Features", then press "Enter".
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Note: Your BIOS setup may be different from the screen shot above, if your "CMOS Setup Utility" does not have an "Advanced BIOS Features" category, try looking through the different categories until you find the boot device order or consult your BIOS manual on how to change the boot device order.

Step 4: Select "First Boot Device", then press "Enter".

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Step 5: Select "CDROM" to 1st Boot Device, then press "Enter".

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Step 6: Press "F10" and "Y" followed by "ENTER" to save the new BIOS settings, and your computer will restart automatically.

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