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11 Ways to Recover corrupted Word Document

Word processing document had rapidly become worldwide popular ever since 1990s, the Microsoft chose to use DOC extension for their proprietary Microsoft Word Format. For one thing, it is one of the most common used file format we can not avoid during work. For another thing, it reminds us to be aware of its great importance for most of our precious information is written into it. Anyway, what i am going to write is not about providing people with Microsoft Word Using Guide, it's about ensuring some basic comforts, advising what right measures to take when you need to recover word document in daily life.

Among various reasons for DOC file damages, wrong operations is most typical in essence. However in many cases we may not know how to make the initial step for word document recovery, in a way that we can follow suggestions from the get go.

1. Try placing the corrupted DOC file in another computer. If it can be opened, which means, your computer is under risk and having problem dealing with DOC files, or even all office file formats.

2. Change the corrupted word document template to apply a global template Normal.dot. Unless the already chosen template is it, or you will have to rename Normal.dot before restarting Microsoft Office Word to open Tools> Templates and Add-ins.

3. Start to open the document by the security mode.

4. Force repair using Open and Repair option. This option can be seen when you try to open document within Office running program.

5. Save the file with other formats like .RTF or .HTML. This is not just because these two would keep original formatting rules, also because some of the error files can be recovered within a transferring process.

6. Insert the document into a newly created document file with Insert option.

7. Open the document using chained file.

8. Restore data from arbitrary file.

9. Open the document with another word processing program such as Wordpad, notepad. But considering their characteristics, they may not be that ideal on account of all your document setting would gone for nothing.

10. Rename corrupted documents for another name.

11. Use professional software. You may be wondering how to recover data within a word file,  here is the process by using iAidSoft Data Rescue.

- Move the corrupted word document you want to recover to another location or just remove it from the original file folder.

- Run the software in your computer and go straight to the original place.

- In order to complete a high precision scan, only choose Documents.

- After the scan, select the corrupted document and choose Recover Now.

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