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iAidsoft is dedicated to developing professional PC utilities to service people who encounter PC problems all over the world. After several years hard work, iAidsoft quickly becomes leading innovator of data recovery solution and other PC problems fixing. We gain huge reputation from satisfied customers including individuals, company, university, etc. A long term and stable cooperation relationship with many leading companies has been established, such as Google, Microsoft, Intel, Digital River, etc.

We have over a 30 well trained and experienced software professionals on board, most of whom are Microsoft certified. We constantly work hard to maintain the highest standards when it comes to product development.

Contact US

iAidsoft welcomes your feedback, suggestions and comments about our products. If you have any questions related to our products or to launch business relationship with us, do feel free to contact us.
Any questions about business cooperation, please contact sales@iaidsoft.com.
Any questions about our product and customer service, pleaese contact support@iaidsoft.com.